Ab Workout Routine For Women – Effective And Safe Abs Exercises You Can Do At Home

An effective ab workout routine doesn't need to involve hundreds of crunches and sit-ups. In fact, you don't need to train your abs for much more than 10 minutes per session 3 to 4 times a week.

Really Serious About Getting A Flat Tummy?

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Here are some of the most effective ab exercises you can do at home.

Click on each exercise to open a separate page complete with exercise instructions and videos. Please note that each exercise page will open in a new tab or new window.

How To Use These Abs Exercises

You can use this workout routine as part of your regular weight training exercise program which targets the whole body. Do all the above exercises the prescribed number of times. And then do them all over again. Do the ab workouts 2 to 3 times a week.

But ... Here's One Thing You Must Know

Doing abs workouts alone won't give you a flat stomach. It'll only help you develop muscle definition in your mid section.

You can't spot-reduce your fat. Your whole body has to lose extra fat to get your abs flat.

The only way you'll get a flat tummy is by doing these two things: exercise your whole body intensely and eat well balanced meals.

Good luck! :-)

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