3 Main Benefits Of Squats Even If
You Have Weak Knees

Many people know very well the benefits of squats. But still they refuse to do the exercise.

Their main excuse?

“I have weak knees.”

You know what! Refusing to do squats just because you have weak knees is like refusing to eat because you’re fat.

You probably already know that, if you’re overweight, not eating anything at all won’t solve your problem. You still have to eat. It’s essential. You just have to learn to eat the right food at the right amount etc.

The same with squat exercise.

Squatting is a natural human movement. In fact, like it or not, you’re already doing that in your every day life.

What do you think that movement is when you sit down on a chair and stand back up again?

You do sit down and then at some point have to stand back up again, right? And you do that everyday?

So, that leads to the first benefit of this exercise.

It’ll keep you mobile and strong into your old age

As I already said, squatting has real-life use. Things like sitting and standing back up. Sitting down to clip and file your toe nails and things like that.

Guess what will happen if you do the squat exercise regularly? You can effectively prevent yourself from becoming one of those oldies who can’t get up from their chair without asking for help or using a stick or even moaning.

You’ll at least maintain your strength and flexibility to be able to do normal human movements into your very old age.

OK. If you’re still young and the prospect of becoming an immobile old person who can’t get up from her chair is not something that concerns you for now, how about this …

It’ll give you the best looking buttocks of your life

Yes. Squat is truly and practically the best exercise to shape and firm up your backside. So, if you want that, do squats regularly.

It’ll even strengthen your knees

Yes. It’s ironic that the very exercise so many people would tell you not to do if you have weak knees will actually strengthen your knees.

Granted you’ll need to use good techniques to get these benefits of squats. That’s why I’ve created this page: Learn Proper Squat Techniques.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s one real-life case study of somebody who has managed to recover from his serious knee problems doing squats.

So, what do I recommend?

You can already guess what I’m going to say. Don’t miss out on these excellent benefits of squats.

Weak knees or not, you should do the exercise.

If you’re not used to the exercise, take it slowly. Check out this page where I show you step by step how to do a full squat. That page will take you all the way to squatting easily until your buttocks are nearly touching your heels.

Learning how to squat properly can take a lot of practice. It can be tricky. So, it’s easier to just skip the exercise altogether putting it down to “weak knees.”

If you’re doing that, stop it! (Otherwise, you’ll get a smack!)

No excuses now. Just do it!

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