Can’t Stick To Your Best Diet Plan?
Try This Instead

Imagine this for a moment: You’ve found the best diet plan for you. You’re really eager to follow it through and finally lose that unwanted fat.

But a week or so later, your enthusiasm has died and you’ve let it drop.

You’ve been so busy and stressed that you’ve lost track of what meal to have on what day and what ingredients you need for a specific meal. So, when a meal time comes, you don’t have the necessary ingredients to make that meal which your diet plan says you’re supposed to have.

So, what do you do? You just throw in the towel and turn back to your easy take-out meal option. And a few months later, you still haven’t lost that fat.

If this sounds all too familiar, here’s a little trick that may solve your problem.

Are you ready?

Here it comes …

It’s a killer …

Don’t follow any diet plans at all.

I’m not joking. I’m deadly serious.

By getting rid of diet plans you free yourself from following any rigid routine. This will effectively make it easier for you to stick to healthy eating and lose fat.

Just spend a little time learning which foods are healthy and which are not. Then whenever a meal time comes around, throw these healthy foods together and make a tasty meal. Use your imagination and experiment.

Simple, right?

But you might say …

“But I don’t have the knack to just throw
any ingredients together and
make a tasty meal”

In that case, I’d say it’s a skill worth learning.


Use a variety of meal structures that allow you to substitute and replace ingredients depending on what you have in your kitchen.

Now we’re getting somewhere. You might have just discovered your absolute best diet plan.

Meal structures like those will let you experiment and create meals without tying you to a set recipe. So, if you haven’t got one particular ingredient that it suggests, you simply replace that with something else you’ve got.

This way of cooking will give you the most flexibility to stick to your new way of eating and lose fat effectively.

Over time, you won’t even need these meal structures any more. You’ll have learnt how to experiment with different ingredients. Before you know it you’ll be a skilful chef. You’ll be conjuring up meals left, right and centre using any ingredients you have at hand. There’ll be no stopping you!

Sounds a lot better and more practical than following a diet plan, right?

So, where do you find these meal structures
I’m talking about?

It just so happens that I’ve created 10 of these meal structures for anyone who wants to try out this approach. They’re all in my new book: The Gorgeous Chef: Shape Up With These 10 Quick’n’Easy Meal Blueprints

In this book, you’ll also find a concise guide to which foods you can eat as much as you like, which you should eat in moderation and which you should avoid.

This book should help you if (like me) you find it difficult to stick to your best diet plan.

I even find it difficult to stick to a recipe, let alone a whole meal plan.

In fact, I hate having to follow any sort of meal plan. That’s why, over the years, I’ve fine-tuned lots of basic meal structures and I just simply go ahead and create a meal as and when I’m hungry.

I find this approach easy and fun. It’s been a tremendous help with losing my chubbiness and maintaining my ideal weight.

If you’d like to see a few of the meals I’ve been able to rustle up using these structures in The Gorgeous Chef, scroll down. You’ll find links to the pages where I share photographs and comments about the meals.

10 Meal Blueprints From
The Gorgeous Chef Book

The following pages will make more sense to you if you already have the meal blueprints in my book: The Gorgeous Chef: Shape Up With These 10 Quick’n’Easy Meal Blueprints

Meal Blueprint 1
Meal Blueprint 2
Meal Blueprint 3
Meal Blueprint 4
Meal Blueprint 5

Meal Blueprint 6
Meal Blueprint 7
Meal Blueprint 8
Meal Blueprint 9
Meal Blueprint 10

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