The Best Diet Program - The Missing Half Of Your Guarantee To A Beautiful Body

The best diet program should teach you good eating habits you can sustain forever. That way, you can stay in shape forever. You can be fit for life. Not just for a short while.

Most diet programs on the market don’t teach you sustainable eating habits. As a result, the moment you stop “dieting,” you gain all that weight back.

You see, that’s not the way to achieve your attractive body.

The formula for achieving a fabulous body for life?

Sustainable Good Diet + Regular Exercise = Beautiful Body.

OK, being on this site may mean you’re fulfilling (or at least starting to fulfil) that regular exercise requirement. Good on you. But how about your diet?

Half (if not more) of your results will come from what you eat.

It doesn’t matter how hard you’re exercising. If you don’t sort your diet out, you won’t see that lean, firm and attractive body you want.

The Best Diet Program That Can Sort You Out

I don’t bother following any diet program. Most of them are not sustainable and healthy.

Instead, I bought a lot of books about nutrition. And I actually read most of them, to educate myself.

And because of that knowledge, I’ve been able to eat sensibly and stay in shape for years now. ;-)

Being a fitness enthusiast, any material about nutrition caught my eye. So, it’s not surprising that when I came across a program called Diet Solution, it grabbed my attention.
But, being interested in a program doesn’t always mean I’ll buy it. In fact, these days I dismiss most nutrition books with an “I already know this” attitude.

I’m getting big-headed you see. :-)

But I went ahead and got hold of that Diet Solution program.

What made me actually buy it?

Is it because the sales message says that it’s the best diet program ever?

Nope. All sellers of diet programs say that anyway.

I bought it … just because the author said something very few people know about.

She pointed out that whole wheat bread is not a healthy choice.

I was intrigued.

The fact that they give a 60-day money-back guarantee also helped make my mind up to buy it. That assured me that I can always ask for my money back if I don’t think it’s the best diet program online.

Their Way Of Making You Lose Fat

This program was created by a nutritionist called Isabel De Los Rios.

Her main principles for losing weight successfully and keeping it off forever are these:

  • Just as people have different body shapes, they also have different metabolisms. You should eat according to your particular metabolism type. That means even some healthy food might not be good for you if it clashes with your metabolism type. That explains why some people can’t lose fat even if they eat healthily. They may be choosing healthy food all right, but it’s the wrong kind for their metabolism type.
  • You don’t need to count calories. If you eat the right food in the right portions, you’ll lose fat without having to count calories.
  • Eating only a little bit of food and starving yourself is a complete no no. You must nourish your body with the right food instead of depriving it.

Isabel, creator of the best diet program I’ve found on the net so far.

After taking the test to determine my metabolism type, I learnt which foods are good for me and in what portions I should be eating them. I also learnt what proportions of protein, carbohydrate and fats I should be consuming.

One thing I found out from that guide is that I should take those guidelines as a ball park figure. Isabel recommends that too. According to how your body responds, you may need to decrease or increase the amount slightly.

In other words, you need to use a bit of your own intuition.

I also got quite a lot of ready-made meal plans suitable for my metabolism type. And tons of recipes that follow the principles of the program.

The first 2 recipes I tried from the program were yummy. Isabel’s salad dressing, and sausage and vegetables stir fry. Mmmm :-P

How The Program Is Delivered

Once I joined, I was given access to a members-only area on their website. That’s where they keep the program materials. I downloaded it all in the form of ebooks (electronic books) onto my computer hard disk.

In the members’ area I can ask food questions, as many as I want. I can also interact with thousands of other members if I feel the need to.

But some people like to have the “real thing” (a hard copy) which they can keep to hand in the kitchen. No problem. Once you’re in the program, you can also order a hard copy.

I didn’t bother with the hard copy though, since I quite like the idea of learning it all online.

My Overall Take On The Program

It’s not a “lose fat quick” program. It’ll take some time and effort. If you’re looking for a quick solution for a short term, you’ll probably be disappointed.

But it’ll definitely work if you follow it with perseverance. You didn’t gain all that extra weight overnight. So, you won’t lose it overnight either. At least, not in a healthy sustainable way.

The only sensible and the best diet program I’ve found so far.

This program is not perfect. But then very few things in life are.

For instance, as part of the program, Isabel provides a shopping list. It’s full of information about where to get certain foods that are free of harmful ingredients. But they’re all in the US. That’s great if you live in the USA. But if you live outside the States, then you’ll have to find the right food providers yourself.

If you do manage to find trustworthy providers in your own country, please share the information with everybody in the comments area on this page.

Getting back to the program, there are a few other minor flaws. But nothing significant that’ll affect the whole experience.

Still, it’s the best diet program I’ve found so far. It actually teaches you how to eat properly for life.

It’s definitely not a crash diet program. You’ll learn the very important skills of choosing the right food and eating the right portions etc. In other words, you’ll learn to change your eating habits and then keep them for life. I strongly believe that’s a skill everybody who cares about their health and their looks should have.

The best bit is that you’ll never fall prey to those health food advertisements which try to fool you into thinking their products are good for you. (No names, but you probably know which ones I mean.)

So, if you really want to get that fit and fabulous body, go ahead and learn how and what to eat.

And don’t forget to exercise regularly too. Proper eating coupled with regular doses of exercise is the only guaranteed way to stay your best shape forever.

Even if you only use half of the materials in the program, it’s worth it.

I really think this program lives up to its reputation of being the best diet program on the internet. It’s based on sound principles that will definitely keep you in shape forever if you really follow them.

Three Things I Personally Recommend You Do Once You’re In The Program

  • Make sure you take the video tour in the “home” page of your member area. That’ll help you understand how to use the tools and resources to get the best out of the program.
  • Read the manual after doing all the action steps in the quick start guide. Especially part 2 of the manual. It contains information that’ll help you choose the best food whenever you go grocery shopping. It clears up the confusion in the familiar food groups such as organic food, dairy, soy, grain, oil, water and sweeteners etc.
  • In the initial stage of your diet clean out, make use of the success journal to record what you ate and how you felt after eating. It may seem like a bit of extra work. But it’s a very effective way to learn which foods and portion sizes are great for your body and which are not. Over time, you’ll intuitively choose the best food for yourself without having to record anything.

Here’s to your beautiful body. :-)

Go ahead right now and get the body you want with the best diet program on the internet.

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