Buttocks Exercises – Instructions And Videos

One of the best buttocks exercises you can do at home is a step-up exercise.

It's a simple, yet very effective exercise for a firm and sexy backside and thighs. All you need is a sturdy piece of furniture to step onto.

The higher the step, the harder this exercise becomes.

So, if you're a complete beginner, start with a low step about mid shin level.

As you get stronger, gradually increase the height of the step.

Here's the demonstration video for you.


  1. Stand facing a step or a bench.
  2. Place your right foot on the bench.
  3. Lift your body up using your right leg.
  4. Let your left leg trail along without being used. Don't put your left foot on the bench.
  5. Step back down slowly and pause briefly.
  6. Do this 8-12 times or as your program recommends.
  7. Switch sides once you've finished all your repetitions and do the same with the left leg.

Things To Watch Out For

  • Use only your stepping leg to lift your whole body. Try not to bounce or push off from your trailing leg.
  • Breathe out when you step up and breathe in when you step down.
  • Make sure the step you're using is sturdy enough to hold your whole body weight. You don't want to be tilted over and get injured, do you?

Extra Tip

  • If you can’t balance yourself with your working leg, use the supporting leg too. That means step up and put both feet on the step rather than leaving your trailing foot in the air. Then work up gradually from that to be able to do the harder version.

Slight Variation

You can also try stepping up sideways as shown in the video below. This version is known as lateral step ups. This will involve your inner thigh muscles more. It also works your buttocks and legs slightly differently.

You can alternate the front and lateral step ups in your workout routine. This will ensure all round muscle development of your lower body.

Ways To Make This Exercise Harder

  • As I said above, increase the height of the step you're using; and/or
  • Hold weights such as kettlebells, dumbbells etc; and/or
  • Wear a heavy backpack or a weighted vest.

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