Circuit Training Exercises -
4 Week Home Workouts (Week 1)

The circuit training exercises you'll see on this page are for the first week of your 4 week beginner program. The workout is in the third section of this page. So, you can just scroll down to get the workout itself. Or if you'd like to know a little background information about the program, read on. :-)

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Circuit training basically means doing one exercise after another with little or no rest until you finish all exercises of the whole workout or a particular section of the workout. Then you rest briefly and repeat the whole cycle of exercises for up to 6 rounds depending on how long or how hard the workout is.

Doing the workout in this circuit training style takes away the usual rest period you get in traditional weight training programs. This forces your cardiovascular system to work harder.

Also I have arranged the exercises so that you don't work out the same muscles two times running. That is to say, whichever part of your body you've just worked in the previous exercise gets a rest while you're performing the next exercise which targets a different area.

But your cardio system doesn't get a rest. So, it's forced to get stronger to meet the demands you're putting on it.

So, circuit training exercises let you improve muscle tone and strength as well as your cardiovascular fitness all in one workout. Since you don't take rest periods between exercises, it saves you time. And it burns more body fat than the traditional style.

Kill two birds with one stone, you might say (no offence to bird lovers!).

This program is suitable for raw beginners who have done hardly any weight training. The aim here is to familiarize your body with some basic exercises.

The workout will fully challenge every muscle in the body without overwhelming you (hopefully!).

Here is the workout for the first week of the program. Of course, I must tell you to check with your doctor before doing these circuit training exercises.

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When you click on each of the exercises in the table below, you'll be taken to a new page. There you'll find complete instructions together with a short but helpful video.

You'll need a swiss ball and a set of dumbbells to do this workout. Good luck!

Beginner Circuit Training Workout Week 1

Exercise Repetitions
Ball Squat 15
Incline Push Up 15
Ball Dumbbell Row Level 1 15
Crunches 15
Shoulder Overhead Presses 15
Forward Lunges 15
Plank 10 to 30 seconds or as long as you can hold

How To Use This Week Workout

  • Perform the circuit training exercises one after another with as little rest as possible. Once you've finished the first round, rest 60 to 90 seconds or a bit longer if you need it. Then do one more round if you can still manage it.
  • Do this workout 2 to 3 times per week.
  • For warming up before the workout, either do a scaled-down version of the workout itself or find out how to do warm up here.
  • Another thing is to keep raising the bar from workout to workout. What I mean is this: Supposing you could do 15 Incline push ups from a 45 degree angle in the last workout. Well, this time, try to do a harder version such as doing the push up from a 30 degree angle surface. You may not be able to do all 15 reps with the harder version straight away. But keep increasing the reps until you can do 15. Once you've achieved that, switch to an even harder version of the push up and build up from there. You may find you can't progress in a linear fashion. It might take you two or more workouts just to increase one more push up repetition. But the goal here is to keep increasing your body's capability. If you don't push it, your body won't improve. Got the idea?
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours of rest between the weight workouts, especially if your muscles are sore.
  • Always warm up before the workout and cool down afterwards.
  • This is your first workout. So, don't worry about using heavy weights yet. Just learn the proper movements and familiarize your body with the exercises.
  • For guidance about how much weight to use, have a look at Exercises With Dumbbells FAQs.

After your workout, don't forget to cool down. Below is a list of stretches that will go well with the circuit training exercises on this page.

Suitable Stretches For Your Cool Down Session

Ab Stretches

Back Of The Thigh Stretches

Back Stretches

Buttocks Stretches

Calf Stretches

Chest Stretches

Front Thigh Stretches

Hip Flexor Stretches

Shoulder Stretches

Upper Arm Stretches

When you have done this workout for a week, move on to next week's muscle toning workouts.

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