Exercise Motivation - Ten Tips For Those Who Hate To Sweat

It’s easier said than done … to have the right exercise motivation. Especially if you workout alone at home.

It’s really difficult to want to exercise.

I don’t understand those people who say they enjoy working out. I can’t imagine how those people could be “looking forward to the next workout.”

I just don’t get it.

But over the years, I’ve managed to exercise regularly. Of course, I had to use a lot of motivation techniques to get myself to workout.

Here are ten exercise motivation tips I’ve successfully used. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful too.

1. See excuses as your opponents.

You’ll very likely find lots of excuses not to exercise. Too busy, too tired, not in the mood, the weather’s too cold, too hot etc.

Your mind will very often try to talk you out of the exercise. In that case, see it as your opponent who doesn’t want to see you improve. That opponent definitely doesn’t want to see you get fitter and more attractive.

So, if you give in to those excuses, you’re giving in to your opponent. But if you recognise those little voices as mere excuses and get on with your exercises, you win. You’ve outsmarted your opponent. Hooray!

You’ll feel smart and accomplished for not giving in to those excuses. That’s a great feeling.

2. Rest day tomorrow.

You probably leave one or two days between workouts. You can say to yourself on your workout day, “Hey, if I get this workout out of the way today, I’ll get to rest tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll have this nagging feeling of ‘ehh … I’ll have to exercise tomorrow’ the whole day today.”

Plus you’ll feel guilty for not exercising when it’s due. So, it’s actually better to get that workout out of the way.

3. Set goals.

This is probably the most important exercise motivation. You’ve got to know clearly in your heart what you’re trying to achieve by exercising. Set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic and Time Bound.

If your goal is not specific and vague like “I want to lose wieght,” you’ll keep putting it off. “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

If your goal is not ambitious, you’ll never achieve great things in life. But at the same time, you have to be realistic too. Setting a goal to fit into 3 dress sizes smaller in one week is not realistic (unless probably you cut out all food and live only on water).

Examples of SMART goals? “I’m going to lose 1 inch off my waist in 30 days.” “I’m going to be able to do an unassisted chin up by the end of this month.” You get the picture?

4. Track your improvements.

Just setting goals is not enough to get the right exercise motivation. It has to be followed up by tracking the improvements you make. For example, suppose you reckon that to lose an inch off your waist in a month, you need to do at least 3 workouts per week.

So, that 3 workouts a week is your weekly goal. Record how many times you workout to make sure you get at least 3 workouts weekly. By the end of each week, you can clearly see that you did in fact do 3 workouts. By knowing that you have met your mini goals, you’ll feel compelled to do the same next week.

That’ll eventually help you reach your main goal. Very effective exercise motivation.

5. On your walls, stick photos of a model whose body you want to look like.

A lot of people find it helpful to see photos of attractive people every day. Post them on your bedroom walls. On your dressing tables. On the mirror where you can’t miss them.

One thing about posting those photos though. Don’t post photos of models who have a very different body type from you. For example, if you’re not very tall, posting photos of models with long limbs might not be very inspiring for you. It might even create a feeling of inferiority rather than inspiring you. Because deep down you know you’ll never look like that. So, find photos of models who have a similar body type and look absolutely gorgeous.

It’s a great exercise motivation technique.

6. Seek the feeling of “high” after the exercise.

You’re likely to have a real feeling of accomplishment after your workout. That’ll get you “high” without using drugs for the whole day. Tell yourself you’re going to feel great afterwards. Otherwise, you’ll be feeling guilty and low the whole day. So, it’s worth spending a short period of time to exercise.

7. Put your favourite music on.

Songs that make you feel like getting up and dancing are a great exercise motivator. Make a selection of your favourite tracks and put it on at your workout time.

Don’t listen to those special songs any other time. Save them for the workout time. That way, you have something to look forward to.

8. Imagine bumping into your ex or old friends you used to fancy.

Visualize yourself looking so attractive with your trimmer fitter body. And you bump into your ex. And you see the look of surprise and admiration in his eyes. Imagine that!

Contrast that with you looking frumpy and flabby. If you bump into him looking like that. Ekk … I can’t even bear the thought of that.

So, imagine these scenarios whenever you’re making excuses not to exercise.

9. Think of exercise as necessary maintenance of your body.

Can you imagine not brushing your teeth or showering regularly? Think of exercise as a task as necessary. It’s like maintenance you need to do to keep your body clean and healthy. So, just get on with it.

10. Put it into perspective.

Another great exercise motivation is to think of your workouts as sacrificing your comfort for a greater gain.

Basically if you usually workout for 20 minutes, you’re swapping just 20 minutes of your discomfort for a greater fitter body.

After all, if you didn’t spend those 20 minutes investing in your self-development, what would you be doing instead? Sitting on your bum feeling guilty? Or weighing up whether you should exercise or not? You could easily spend 20 minutes just thinking whether you should exercise or not, you know.

When you think about it, it’s better to just get up and get it done.

There you go. I hope these ten exercise motivation tips will help you workout consistently for the rest of your life.

I raise my glass to your fabulous fit body. :-)

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