Exercises For Hips, Buttocks And Legs

On this page, you'll find some of the most effective exercises for hips, buttocks and legs.

These exercises will work for you if they're done as part of your whole body workout program.

Of course you also need to follow a healthy fat burning diet to see real results.

Please don't try to do all of these exercises at one time. They’re here just so that they’re available to you as and when you need them – with just one click.

If you want a whole body exercise plan to start you off, please check out these toning workouts.

Now here are the exercises. Just click on the link for each one and you'll be taken to a separate page with full instructions and videos. Good luck!

Bodyweight Squats For Beginners

Squats can’t be beaten for shaping your buttocks and legs. If you want firm buttocks, this is the exercise to do.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Another exercise that’ll build you firm and strong thighs.

Buttocks Exercises

These are really simple moves for sculpting your backside and legs. Learn how to perform them with a good technique.

Calf Exercises

Three exercises to tone up your calf muscles.

Combo Leg Exercises

Try these combination moves to add interest to your routine.

Dumbbell Squats

When you can do bodyweight squats properly, check this out to get even better results.

Exercises For Thighs

Here you’ll see how to perform forward and reverse lunges. Great exercises for shaping your legs.

Inner Thigh Exercise

Behave like a sumo wrestler without looking like one!

Lying Inner Thigh Exercise

This exercise will specifically target your inner thighs.

Romanian Deadlift

An excellent exercise you shouldn’t miss out on. It’ll sculpt your buttocks, the back of your thighs and your hips.

Side Lunges

Work your inner and outer thighs with this exercise.

Walking Lunges Exercise

Do this if you have enough space in your room. (Or try it in the park!)

Wall Squats

Really want to firm up your thighs? Try these wall sits.

I’ll keep adding more lower body exercises for you to try. So, please check back often. :)

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