Exercises For Love Handles
Full Instructions And Video

One of the most effective exercises for love handles is a side bridge (also known as side plank).

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Side bridges are gaining popularity because they work and they’re very simple to do. They add definition and strength to your obliques (the muscles at the side of your belly).

They also help strengthen your spine which can prevent back pain.

Here’s a short video showing you how to do the side bridge.


  1. Lie on your side on an exercise mat.
  2. Lift your hip off the floor.
  3. Support your body with your forearm and your feet.
  4. Hold for 5 to 60 seconds depending on how long you can stay up.
  5. Then switch sides.

Things to watch out for

  • Hold your spine straight and don’t let it sag.
  • Keep your stomach tight.
  • Don't forget to breathe.

How to keep strengthening your body with this exercise

Gradually increase the time you can hold. Start with 5 seconds if you’re a complete beginner. And keep adding a few more seconds as you become fitter.

Once you can hold 60 seconds, here are a few things you can do to make it harder:

  • While in the side plank position, lift the upper leg completely off the floor to spread your legs apart. So now you’ll be supporting your whole body with just one forearm and one foot.
  • Do the usual hold. But put something fairly heavy on your side such as a bag of potatoes, a thick dictionary. Or even a baby elephant, if you happen to have a spare one sitting around (only joking!) :-D
  • Instead of using your forearm to hold your body, straighten your arm and use your hand. That means you’ll be supporting your whole body on one hand and both feet. And you can also do the two things I mentioned above to make this position harder.

As you see, using these exercises for love handles doesn’t need to involve gym membership or expensive equipment. Simple yet challenging exercises like side bridges are really effective in toning and strengthening your midsection. Who needs a gym, eh?

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