Exercises For Shoulders – Videos And Instructions

The first exercises for shoulders I'll show you are called Front Raises. They mainly work the front shoulder muscles (anterior deltoid).

All you need to do the exercise is a pair of dumbbells.

Here's a video demonstration for you.


  1. Stand upright with a dumbbell in each hand, down by your sides. This is the starting position.
  2. Slowly lift the dumbbells directly in front of the body, keeping the elbows extended but not locked out.
  3. Pause when they are in alignment with the shoulders.
  4. Lower your arms to return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat 2-3 sets of 8-12 times. Or do as many repetitions as your program tells you.

Things to watch out for

  • Don't use swinging movements to lift the weights up. Exercise slowly and in control.
  • Use weights that are challenging but still manageable.
  • If you can lift the weights up only when you bounce or swing, it's likely that you're using weights that are too heavy.
  • Breathe out when you lift the dumbbells and breathe in when you lower them.


  • You can try this exercise one arm at a time.
  • You can try this just standing on one leg to improve your stability and balance.
  • Standing on one leg, you can lift both arms. Or lift only one arm at a time, standing on one leg.
  • You can also try this sitting on a stability ball.

The main thing is not to keep doing the same movements for weeks on end. Vary the position, vary the weights, vary the movements from time to time.

This will ensure your body will keep improving and you'll see the changes you want. The same concept applies to all other exercises too, not only these exercises. :-)

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