3 Things You Must Avoid If You Want
Flat Abs

You’re longing for those beautiful flat abs. And you do lots of ab exercises. And you eat more healthily now. But that podge is still there. It’s still hanging over your jeans. Ech!

Why, why, why? You ask, feeling frustrated.

Well … you might be doing one of the following three things that you shouldn’t be doing. … That’s why.

1. Don’t do ab exercises.

Eh?? Yes, I said don’t do ab exercises. Do exercises that work your whole body.

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I mean it. That’s the only thing you need to tone your abs.

You see, a lot of people think that if they have a bulging belly, they should do a lot of abs exercises. Although that might seem logical, it’s not logical for your body.

Your body likes to store extra fat in that precious mid-section. Especially if you have a reasonably slim body but a fat belly. Your body decides its favourite spot for storing fat, not you. (You’re not the boss here. Sorry.)

So, if you don’t have flat abs, that means you’ve got some extra fat that you need to get rid of. It just happens to be stored in your stomach area, mostly. But you need to get rid of it from all over your body, not just from your abs.

So, it makes sense to exercise your whole body, not just your abs.

Whole body exercises are generally more exhausting. That usually means you burn more calories. Burning more calories will burn more of that extra fat lurking in your abs.

What do I mean by whole body exercises? A few examples here: squats, deadlift, Lunges, Plank. Even though it might not look like it, these exercises also work your abs hard.

Yep … that’s what it boils down to … although it seems logical to you it’s not logical to your body. And your body’s the boss here. You know how it is … if you want your boss to do something, you have to work on her terms rather than yours. Got it? ;-)

2. Don’t forget the law of “calories in, calories out”.

In the modern craze of healthy eating, a lot of people have forgotten their little old friend. That’s the law of “calories in, calories out”. It doesn’t matter how healthily you eat. If you consume more calories than your body needs, that stubborn fat on your belly won’t go away.

A lot of people nowadays realize the importance of healthy eating. But they tend to forget that it still matters how much they eat. That doesn’t mean you should start counting calories for every morsel you put in your mouth.

There’s an easy trick you can use to limit how much you consume. Read on.

3. Use a small plate to eat your meals.

These days, not only people are suffering from gigantism. Our plates and bowls are too. So, these gigantic plates are helping people to become gigantic. (Kind of makes sense, reallly.)

So, get rid of these accomplices who are helping your stomach to become big. Instead, bring back smaller plates. I talk more about plate size in What Your Fat Burning Meal Should Be Like.

These big devils make you put more food on your plate. This leads you to eat more food. Even after you feel full, you still finish that big plate of sweet potato mash and grilled turkey and vegetables. Because that little voice in your head (which used to be your mum’s) says “you shouldn’t waste food like this while people in Africa are starving.” So, you eat on till you feel stuffed.

How to avoid this problem?

Simple … just use small plates. Then you’ll use smaller portions. And after a small portion, you’ve had just enough. Not stuffed, not hungry. Just enough. That’s the perfect portion. You have consumed a lot less than you would have done if you had used a big plate. A lot fewer calories. A step forward towards those flat abs.

So you see, just by avoiding these three things, you’ll achieve a beautiful sexy stomach. If flat abs are worth getting, then it’s worth avoiding these three things I’ve just mentioned.

Have fun on your flat stomach journey. :-)

Really Serious About Getting A Flat Tummy?

Here’s the only book you’ll ever need.

I mean it. That’s the only thing you need to tone your abs.

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