Meal Blueprint 10

This page will make more sense to you if you already have the meal blueprints in my book: The Gorgeous Chef: Shape Up With These 10 Quick’n’Easy Meal Blueprints

Here I used a palm-sized cod fillet.

I was feeling a bit naughty. So, I decided to eat it with some rice.

Then I topped the meal with some coriander. It's been lying around in the fridge for a while. So, I might as well use it rather than let it rot.

It also happens to be my favourite herb. I grew up with it. My mum used to use it in almost every dish she made. So, I'm very fond of its aroma.

My mum always said coriander has medicinal properties. I'm still not sure what sort of medicinal properties it has. I suspect she's not sure either. She's probably repeating what her own mum said. :-D

Anyway, not everybody likes coriander. Use whatever herb you like if you're using any at all.

You don't need to use any herb. I only used it because I'd already got it in the fridge.

I also added a handful of raw mixed salad leaves. So, my plate looked a bit like a forest in the end (as in the photo here).

Just a few years back, I wouldn't have eaten any raw leaves like that. I just didn't like the taste.

If any health freak had dared to suggest it to me at the time, I'd've stuck out my tongue and made an exaggerated mime of washing it off my tongue.

Now my taste has changed. I actually like eating these raw baby leaves. I never thought I'd actually like eating them at all. Isn't it strange how things change?

The other day when I used this meal blueprint, I cooked raw king prawns (ready peeled of course). I ate a small baked potato (about the size of a mandarin orange) with the sauce. And yep, I did put some butter on my potato. And also a handful of raw mixed salad leaves.

It was very nice. I haven't had a baked potato for months. So, it was even more delicious than usual.

Here, in this photo, I used haddock fillets. I didn't cook it long enough for the tomatoes to go really soft. They were still a bit firm. But the meal was tasty.

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