Meal Blueprint 4

This page will make more sense to you if you already have the meal blueprints in my book: The Gorgeous Chef: Shape Up With These 10 Quick’n’Easy Meal Blueprints

I decided to be a bit naughty and had baked beans this evening.

I wouldn't have used the baked beans myself. But my dad cooked this for me. He added some baked beans on top of a plain old cheese omelette.

And who was I to refuse to eat it when he'd taken the trouble to cook this for me? And I was very hungry too.

So, I added a few small tomatoes and gobbled it up.

Yummy. Just right for the job. :-)

Contrast that with the omelette I made the other day. I was feeling a bit miserable. So, I only put some mushrooms in it. I didn't even manage to flip the omelette properly. So, it looked rather sad, like this:

It was tasty even though it didn't look it. I felt much better after that - with a nice cup of "builder's" tea. :-)

This time, I managed to make the omelette look more like an omelette rather than a complete mess.

I achieved that by not flipping it. (I'm utterly useless at flipping things. I guess I'll never get a job as a chef in a fine restaurant.)

Anyway, I cooked one side on the hob. Then I cooked the upper side under the grill.

I used a tomato, some cheese and mushrooms in this.

The other day, I used something I'd never thought of putting in an omelette. Asparagus.

They're in season in the summer. So, I've been eating them almost every day. This particular morning, I decided to try them in an omelette as well. I'm glad I did. It was yummy. :-)

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