Meal Blueprint 7

This page will make more sense to you if you already have the meal blueprints in my book: The Gorgeous Chef: Shape Up With These 10 Quick’n’Easy Meal Blueprints

Here, I used a whole aubergine. That is only half the aubergine you see in the photo. My friend ate the other half.

I didn't have any other vegetables to roast. So, I shoved a whole aubergine into the oven with the chicken. I washed it and pricked it a few times with a fork before putting it in the oven. When it was soft to the touch, it was a sign that it was ready.

It took about the same time as the chicken to cook. About 40 minutes.

Then I simply cut it in half and mashed the flesh with a knob of butter and salt.

It was a tasty meal.

The best thing was I didn't need to do any chopping or peeling. I only needed to remember to turn the whole thing over half way through the cooking. Easily done with the help of my kitchen timer.

I was even able to shower and slap some avocado face mask on while it was cooking. Good job no-one could see me - they'd've thought it was an invasion of green-faced aliens! :-D

This photo shows another meal I made using the same formula.

I had more time that day. So, I used a joint of pork. I also baked some carrots, potatoes and onions. I put them in during the last 30 minutes of the meat joint's cooking time.

The good thing is I didn't even need to use butter. The pork produced enough juice to smother the vegetables. So yummy! (Excuse me while I go off and salivate!)

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