Meal Blueprint 8

This page will make more sense to you if you already have the meal blueprints in my book: The Gorgeous Chef: Shape Up With These 10 Quick’n’Easy Meal Blueprints

Since this was only for supper, I made a small meal. I used half a tin of salmon.

It was very simple and quick. But delicious.

I was still hungry after that. So, I had a handful of cashew nuts with a nice cup of chamomile tea. :-)

This time, I used a few slices of wild Alaska smoked salmon and a hunk of feta cheese. I cut a whole lemon and squeezed some juice on the fish and avocado. Then I squeezed the rest of the lemon into a glass of water to flavour it slightly. I sipped that glass of water throughout the meal.

It was a pretty tasty meal. :-)

The above photo shows my snack I made the other day. Under the tomatoes lies a smoked mackerel. The two white balls are buffalo mozzarella cheese. No avocado this time since it was only a snack. Delicious!

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