Healthy Food List To Help You
Make A Smart Food Choice

Here's a healthy food list for you. I have put them in three columns: bad, better and best. Avoid the food in the bad column as much as possible. Choose the food in the best column as often as you can.

Healthy Food List: Main Carbohydrate sources

Bad Better Best
White rice Brown rice Organic brown rice
White bread Wholewheat bread Rye bread
Wheat-based white pasta Wholemeal pasta Brown rice or spelt pasta
Jasmine rice Basmati rice Brown or wild rice
Cookies Rice cakes with nut butter Rice cakes with avocado and prawns
Pizza bases Wholewheat pizza base Spelt pizza base
Fries Wedges Jacket potato
Tinned vegetables Frozen vegetables Fresh organic vegetables
White bread Rye bread Rice bread
Deep-fried food Pan-fried food Grilled, steamed or boiled food

Healthy Food List: Main Protein sources

Bad Better Best
Supermarket eggs Free range eggs Organic eggs
Supermarket steaks Steaks from a local butcher Organic steaks
Prime rib joint Rib-eye steak, rump steak, skirt Fillet steak, flank steak, sirloin steak, topside steak, Porterhouse, T-bone
Chicken breast Free range chicken breast Organic chicken breast
Fried chicken BBQ chicken (don't eat the skin) with salad Turkey breast and greens
Deep-fried fish Pan-fried fish and salad Grilled fish and a green salad
Sausage Organic sausage Organic steak
Scrambled or fried eggs Poached or boiled eggs Organic poached or boiled eggs
Tinned meat Fresh meat Fresh organic meat
Battered or crumbed fish Fresh farmed fish Wild/organic fish
Packaged sliced ham Ham off the bone Organic ham off the bone
Processed sliced cheese Block of supermarket cheese Organic natural goat's cheese
Tinned salmon Farmed smoked salmon Organic smoked salmon

Healthy Food List: Main Fat sources

Bad Better Best
Margarine Butter Organic butter
Cooking fats Rapeseed oil Organic extra-virgin coconut oil
Shop-bought salad dressing Extra-virgin olive oil Organic, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil
Roasted and salted nuts Raw salted nuts Raw unsalted nuts

Healthy Food List: Snacks and meals

Bad Better Best
Dried fruit Fresh fruit Organic fruit
Waxed apples (really shiny apples you see at the supermarket) Unwaxed apples Organic apples
White sugar Brown sugar Manuka honey
Biscuits Piece of fruit Fruit and nuts
Low-fat yogurt Organic low fat yogurt Organic low fat yogurt with fruit and nuts
Runny honey Set honey Manuka honey
Shop-bought cake Fresh cake from a baker Homemade cake, made with fruit as the sweetener and no white sugar
Biscuits Oatcakes with nut better Rice cakes with turkey or smoked salmon and avocado (the perfect blend of proteins, carbs and good fats)
Croissant (zero fibre and soaked in bad fats) Muffin from a health food shop Raw vegetables with a little organic hummus
Milk chocolate Dark chocolate Organic dark chocolate with nuts
Pre-made sandwich from shop made with white bread Rye bread sandwich One slice of rye bread with extra sandwich filling (tuna, chicken or meat)
Jam Honey Organic nut butter, e.g, hazel, cashew, peanut
Cereal bars Banana Banana and a handful of nuts
Stewed fruit Peeled fruit Whole organic fruit
Burger and fries Burger meat with salad Beef stir-fry with loads of vegetables
Lamb korma Lamb stew Stir-fried lamb with vegetables
Sausage rolls Lamb or chicken kebab with salad Lamb or chicken with salad
Ice cream Fruit sorbet Platter of fruit
Flavoured yogurt Organic flavoured yogurt Organic natural yogurt with nuts
Chicken nuggets BBQ chicken and salad Grilled free-range chicken and salad
Crackers with packaged pâté Crackers with freshly made deli pâté Peppers with hummus and olives

Healthy Food List: Beverage

Bad Better Best
Instant coffee* Espresso (less processed than instant coffee) Organic espresso with organic cream (the cream slows down the digestion of the coffee)
Black tea Green tea Caffeine-free herbal tea (peppermint, chamomile, ginger etc)
Instant hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) Espresso with cream Herbal tea
Beer Half juice, half water Water
Alcopop Vodka with mineral water and a squeeze of lime Mineral water with a squeeze of fresh lime
Soft drink Fruit juice Water
* coffee is sprayed more than most other plants in the world; plus, processing it into an instant form depletes nutrients further still!

I can't claim that the lists above are complete. In fact, you could probably keep on adding items to the lists. But at least these healthy food lists should give you some ideas to help choose your food sensibly.

Download And Print These Lists Out

Stick them on your fridge door!

Now … how’s this for a neat idea?

When you come across food items which are not in these lists, do a bit of research. See if you can find a healthier option for each new item, and add them to these lists. That way, you’re forced to find a better and best alternative for food that you eat often. And consult your lists regularly.

Within a few weeks, you’ll be surprised how much your eating habits have improved. Before you know it, you’ll become so smart at choosing the best food for your body that you won’t even want to look at that fattening junk food any more.

Guess what that means for you?

Yep … you’ll have (and maintain) a fabulous body effortlessly all your life. What more do you want? ;-)

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