Home Workouts To Burn Fat Fast – Very Short And Equipment-Free

These home workouts will take less than 30 minutes. Perfect when you’re very short of time.

They’re also great to use on off days when you’re taking a rest from your regular weight training.

Either way, they’ll speed up your fat burning.

You can definitely use them as your regular workouts as well. If you use them regularly, make sure you crank up the intensity of the workout from time to time. This will ensure that your body will keep improving and you’ll avoid the plateau effect. You’ll find out how to increase the challenge on each workout page.

Anyway, that’s enough lecturing. Here are the workouts.

Fun Stairs Workout

If you have a staircase at home or nearby, this is perfect. This is a very short workout. It takes less than 15 minutes. But you’ll burn fat, and tone and strengthen your whole body. If you do it regularly, you’ll end up with firm and tight buttocks.

Check out this staircase workout routine here.

12 Minutes Interval Workout

You can do this workout even when all you have is a few square feet of floor space. Oh, you do at least have a mobile phone, right? You’ll probably need it for this workout. :-)

Check out this Interval Cardio Workout here.

Fat Killer Workout

This is another fat loss workout that you can do even when you’re travelling. No excuses for not exercising wherever you are or however busy you are. You’ll need to do only 4 very simple exercise moves.

Get this Fat Burning Workout Without Weights here.

Full Body Workout At Home With Just One Exercise

This is a very simple workout. You only need to do one exercise. No equipment. Do it anywhere.

Perfect for when you’re travelling.

Click here to get this one-exercise full body workout.

4 Minute Intense Workout

Use this workout for when you’re extremely busy. But you need to be mentally strong and physically fit to do this.

Click here to check out this 4 Minute Intense Workout

One more thing … if you’re finding it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise regularly, also check out these ten exercise motivation tips for those who hate to sweat. They’re the same techniques I’ve been using successfully over the past year.

There you go. You’re no longer allowed to skip workouts just because you’re very busy and you don’t have any equipment or any motivation. I’ve left you with no excuses.

So, get on with these home workouts now and get that gorgeous body you want. :-)

Good luck!

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