An Effective Inner Thigh Exercise – Sumo Squat Video And Instructions

One inner thigh exercise that targets the problem area effectively is the sumo squat. It is also known by ballet dancers as plié.

Squat exercises work your whole thighs very effectively. With a much wider foot position, the sumo squat puts more emphasis on the inner thighs than a regular squat.

Here I'll show you how to do the exercise with a dumbbell.

Steps to do this inner thigh exercise

  1. Grab the ends of the dumbbell with your hands and hold it in front of your body.
  2. Stand with your feet about 1½ times wider than shoulder width apart.
  3. Keep your toes pointing out about 45 degrees from the body.
  4. Keep your knees soft. (This is your start position.)
  5. Slowly bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  6. Pause briefly.
  7. Squeeze your inner thighs and buttocks and return to the starting position.
  8. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

Things to watch out for

  • Keep your back straight the whole time.
  • When you squat, your knees must be directly above your ankles.
  • Keep your weight on your heels throughout the exercise.
  • Inhale when you squat down and exhale when you come up.
  • Perform the exercise slowly and in control.

If you're a beginner, it'd be a good idea to practise the squat with a light weight. Also watching yourself in a life-size mirror while you're performing the exercise would be a good way to check you're doing it right.

Before you go and do this exercise, let me remind you of something...

This exercise will only help you tone and define the muscles on your inner thighs. If you have extra fat in that area, it won't help just to do exercises that target your inner thighs.

Spot reducing fat doesn't work. You need to get rid of extra fat on your whole body to see slim inner thighs.

That means you need to workout your whole body to burn enough calories to lose weight. Check out my whole body toning workouts to help you lose extra fat.

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