Get A Gorgeous Back
With Inverted Rows
Exercise Videos And Instructions

Plus How To Make The Move Easier Or Harder

Inverted rows are excellent bodyweight exercises for your back. You’ll get a sexy back that will look great in an open back dress.

Besides, if you do a lot of chest exercises such as push ups and chest presses, you should strengthen your back accordingly with the inverted row. This will prevent muscle imbalance.

This is also a great exercise to start with for beginners who want to get strong enough to do chin ups and pull ups.

Here, you’ll see different degrees of difficulty, so you can choose where to start, depending on your strength level. Just start from the best angle you’re capable of.

60 Degree Inverted Rows

If you’re a complete beginner, you may need to start from this angle. Just find a bar or something sturdy you can use to pull your body up. See the video below to see what I mean.

If you’re finding it difficult to think of something to use to pull your body up, here are two options.

Option 1

This is probably the easiest solution. Buy a doorway dip bar like the one I was using in the video. I got that bar from the Amazon store. The bar fits onto the door frame and I can adjust the height. But there is a fault with the bar I’ve got. The handles don’t seem to stay in the sockets very well. And I haven’t experimented with other makes.

But if you type in “doorway pull up bar” or “doorway dip bar” in, you’ll probably find a reliable one. Be sure to check out the reviews before you buy it.

Option 2

If you don’t want to spend any money at all, you’ll need to tax your creativity a little. Create something that you can dangle from safely. For ideas, scroll to the bottom of the page to check out How I Made My Own Makeshift Inverted Row Station.

Anyway, here are written exercise instructions.

Exercise Methods

  1. 1. Stand near a bar that you can hang from, at roughly a 60° angle.
  2. Tighten your abs and buttocks. In fact, tighten your whole body up in a rigid line from head to toe.
  3. Hang from the bar with your arms fully extended shoulder width apart.
  4. Keeping everything tight, pull yourself up until you nearly touch the bar.
  5. Come back down, controlling yourself so as not to drop back.
  6. Repeat the recommended number of times in your program.

Things To Watch Out For

  • Keep your body still while doing the exercise. The only things that should be moving are your arms.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together when you pull yourself up. This will help ensure you’re working your back muscles.
  • Fully extend your arms on the way back down.
  • Remember to keep your abs tight throughout.
  • Don’t let your bottom sag.
  • Don’t round your back.
  • Keep your chest up as if you’re feeling very proud (which you really should be for taking this challenge).

When this 60 degree angle becomes easy, move on to the lower angle lean.

45 Degree Inverted Rows

The instructions are the same, except that the bar will be lower so that you can hang from it at something like a 45° angle. This way, you’ll have to lift more of your body weight. Hence it’s more difficult.

When this gets easy, move on to the next level.

30 Degree Inverted Rows

Refer to the instructions in 60 degree rows.

Nearly Horizontal Inverted Rows

Now, you’ve become really strong. If you’ve progressed all the way down to here, congratulations!

Here’s my demonstration video in case you need reminding. :-)

If you can’t vary the height of the bar

Varying the height of the bar can be tricky if you have limited space at home.

In that case, just find a place to put the bar across and you can hang from it horizontally. And hang a piece of cloth or a strap over the bar.

At first, have a long length of the strap hanging from the bar. Your goal is to touch the end of that strap with your chest whenever you pull your body up. Over time, shorten the length of that strap until you can touch the bar with your chest.

That’s the trick I used since I couldn’t adjust the height of the bar.

I simply hung a long sock from the bar.

And I kept looping the sock around the bar to shorten it as I got stronger.

Variations Of Grips

You can grip the bar with your palms facing your feet or facing your face. You can even let your palms face each other like in the 60 degree rows video above.

Each grip will target slightly different areas of your arms and your back. Palms facing your face will involve the front of your arms (bicep muscles) more. To improve all-round development of the muscles, work with the different grip positions from time to time.

Making The Inverted Rows Even More Challenging

If the horizontal inverted row becomes “easy peasy” for you, make it harder so as to keep your strength growing. And you can be sure your back will be getting more shapely at the same time.

Ways To Make The Horizontal Rows Harder

  • Lift one foot up all the time you’re doing the inverted rows. This will work your core, buttocks and legs harder too; and/or
  • Elevate your feet by putting a stool underneath; and
  • Keep putting a higher and higher stool underneath your feet; or
  • You can use a stability ball to put your feet on. That will be more difficult than just using a stool since you’ll need to stabilize your whole body even more; and/or
  • Put your hands wider than shoulder width apart on the bar. That will work your back and the back of your shoulders even harder.

How I Made My Own Makeshift Inverted Row Station

It’s easy for you to find a bar to do the job if you’re in a gym. But if you’re at home, you’ll need to get really creative.

The most obvious idea that occurred to me was to use two stools or high chairs of equal height. And put a sturdy bar across them. Of course, make sure the bar is strong enough to carry your bodyweight. Also make sure it won’t slip or roll off while you’re using it!

Here’s a photo of the makeshift inverted row station I made at home.

I used two chairs and put a broomstick across between them. One advantage of this is that the broom head stopped the whole thing rolling off the chairs.

You might be able to think of a more creative or practical way than that. If you do, please share it here so that other users can benefit too. :-)

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