Are Kettlebell Workouts Just Hype?

Kettlebell workouts have come out as one of the latest popular trends. Many people are raving about them. Many personal trainers swear by them.

But are they really effective? Or is it just hype that people are buying into?

The answer is …. well ….yes and no.

A kettlebell is just a tool. It’s not the be-all and end-all of excellent fitness.

Like every other tool, it depends on how you use it. It also depends on your personal preferences and situation.

I personally like working out with kettlebells. But then I also like just plain bodyweight workouts and dumbbell workouts. They all give me slightly different challenges and add variety to my routines.

This prevents boredom and helps make me exercise regularly.

Kettlebells do have their own unique appeal. They’re basically like cannon balls with handles. So the way you have to control the weight of a kettlebell is very different from the way you’d handle a dumbbell. Your muscles have to stabilize differently with kettlebells since their center of gravity is below the handle and not in your hands like dumbbells.

One particular thing that kettlebells are great at is their swinging movement. They’re great when you lift or swing weights quickly. This type of training not only chisels a great body shape by building muscle mass. It also makes you more agile, quick and flexible. These qualities are necessary to stay fit and in shape into your old age.

These are also useful in daily life. In real life, you’re more likely to be rushing about lifting things quickly rather than lifting very heavy items slowly and in a controlled way like in traditional weight training.

Another great thing about kettlebells is that you can do a great workout with just one kettlebell. But as you get fitter and stronger, you’ll probably need to buy a heavier one. Still, it’s perfect if you workout at home since kettlebells take very little space to store and workout with.

So, are kettlebell workouts worth paying attention to?

Yes, definitely.

They’ll work your muscles in different ways from your traditional strength workout. Your muscles have to stabilize differently, giving you all-round fitness. As I mentioned above, you’ll improve your speed, flexibility and balance better with kettlebell exercises.

At least they’ll inject some variety and fun into your usual workout routine.

But I don’t recommend that you become kettlebell fanatics using only these bells as your fitness tool. Unless of course … that’s the only exercise you enjoy. In that case, it’s better to exercise regularly with activities you enjoy rather than not exercising at all.

Ideally though … the best way for all-round fitness and staying in shape forever is to vary your exercise tools and methods and activities. You won’t go far wrong with that.

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