Leg Exercises - Lunge Combo
To Shape Your Thighs

Leg exercises like these lunge combinations will help you strengthen and shape your thighs. The beauty is that you can do these exercises at home with little or no equipment.

Usually, you either lunge forward, backward or sideways.

Each way emphasizes different areas of your thighs. Forward and reverse lunges emphasize your front thigh muscles (quadriceps). Side lunges will work your inner thigh muscles (adductors).

So, if you want to work all sides of your thighs, you can try combining all these lunges into one movement.

Here’s how to do these combo leg exercises.

In this video, I did it balancing on one leg. If you’re a beginner, you can do it with both feet just like in the usual lunges exercise.


  1. Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lunge your right leg backward.
  3. Then lunge your right leg forward.
  4. Then lunge the right leg sideways.
  5. Switch sides and do the same with the left leg.
  6. This is one repetition.
  7. Repeat the recommended number of times for your program.

This combo thigh exercise needs a bit of space. If you don’t have enough space to do this in one flow, just do the usual lunge in one direction. Then change direction.

That is, do forward lunges for the recommended repetitions. Then do reverse lunges for the designated number of times. Then do side lunges the same way.

Once you’ve got used to this, you can hold or carry weights to make this exercise harder. Or try balancing on one leg like in the video. Or hold weights as well as balance on one leg.


Don’t get over-ambitious too soon. Increase the difficulty of the exercise gradually. Change one thing at a time.

Want To Tone Your Arms At The Same Time?

Once you can do this exercise without any problems, you can try holding dumbbells over your head. Keep your arms straight up all the time until you've completed all the repetitions. See how long you can hold that position. Even lightweight dumbbells will likely tire your arms out.

You’re not restricted to dumbbells. You can hold a bag of potatoes, soup cans, books, a sandbag etc. The choice is yours. My favourite is a sandbag. :-)

Even though it makes the exercise harder, it saves you time by working out your arms as well as your legs all in one movement.

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