Lying Leg Raises – Video And Instructions

Lying Leg Raises target your lower stomach. They also work your legs to some extent. A great exercise for specifically singling out your lower ab.

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1. Lie flat on the floor with your arms stretched out to the side and your legs extended together. Or you can put your hands underneath your buttocks, palms down.

2. Slowly begin to lift the legs up off the floor until they're pointing at the ceiling.

3. Lower them back down so they are almost touching the ground again but not quite. This is one repetition.

4. Repeat 2 sets of 12-15 times. Or do as many times as your program recommends.

Things to watch out for

● Do the exercise slowly and in control.

● Don't forget to breathe.

● If you have lower back problems, check with your doctor first.

● Exhale when you lift your legs and inhale when you bring them down.

● Keep your legs together. Don't spread them.

When this becomes easy, hold a dumbbell between your feet to add challenge. Or when you lift your legs up, thrust your hips up off the ground to work your lower ab further.

Here's a short video demonstration of the exercise.

Also check out work lower abs with reverse crunches.

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