Stomach Exercises For Women - 3 Ways To
Spice Up Your Routine

Really Serious About Getting A Flat Tummy?

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I mean it. That’s the only thing you need to tone your abs.

Stomach exercises for women don’t need to include the same old movements day in and day out. If you’re getting bored with your usual abdominal exercises, don’t start yawning yet.

Here are three ways you can freshen up your usual ab exercises and turn them into forever fascinating friends.

Use Twisting Movements

If you’re just doing forward and backward ab movements such as crunches, you should start incorporating twisting moves.

This will ensure that you’ll work your oblique muscles at the side of your mid-body. These muscles help you twist your body in everyday acitivities. So, it makes sense to exercise them. Plus it’ll help you firm up those wobbly-jelly love handles.

Examples of great twisting ab exercises: Russian Twist, Bicycle Crunches

Use A Swissball From Time To Time

If you usually do your ab exercises on the floor, you may want to consider using an exercise ball.

Since it’s an unstable surface, you’ll activate the muscles lurking in the corners you never knew had them. This way, you can also work the muscles you wouldn’t have been able to target using the floor ab exercises. This will improve your balance, core stability and strength. All-round development for your abdominals.

Examples of effective swissball ab exercises: Forward Ball Roll, Swiss Ball Crunches

Use Static Holds

Holding a static position for a certain length of time is a great way to strengthen your entire mid-section. This way of exercising helps you target your inner abdominal muscles, which you can’t see. Strengthening all of your ab muscles is necessary to get that firm and attractive stomach. So, make sure you use static (also known as isometric) exercises in your ab workout routine.

Examples of static stomach exercises for women: Plank, Isometric Ab Stabilizer

stomach exercises

Putting these varieties into your ab routine doesn’t mean you need to do a brand new exercise every workout.

You can just add simple modifications to your usual exercises. What do I mean by that? …

Let’s take the most common ab exercise, crunches. Let’s see how you can put all these three varieties into your crunches.

Supposing you want to put a twisting movement into it. Easy … Instead of crunching towards your knees, just twist your body and crunch up towards your left knee or right knee alternately.

Want to add the exercise ball to it? Simple … Just do the usual crunches on your ball. See the Swiss Ball Crunches Demonstration.

How about putting some static holds into it? … Just hold the crunch up position for a count of 2 to 5 seconds - or even longer depending on your strength.

There are many ways, really. Just use these three simple modifications to your usual stomach exercises for women. And you’ll be glad to see the results. Plus it’ll help keep the workouts more interesting and more fun.

Really Serious About Getting A Flat Tummy?

Here’s the only book you’ll ever need.

I mean it. That’s the only thing you need to tone your abs.

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