How To Strengthen Your Core and Flatten Your Stomach Even If
You Sit On Your Butt All Day

You probably know that sitting all day is not really going to give you a great looking body and better health. But the sad truth is that many of us today are in a job where we need to sit for hours in front of a computer.

That leads many people to have a weak core and flabby stomach. In fact, I call my town “slouchville” because most people I see every day seem to be slouching.

But, there’s a very simple way to counteract this flabby core (and weak abs, slouching shoulders) problem.

Simply replace your regular chair with a swiss ball.

Well … there’s a little bit more you have to do than just simply swap your chair for a big rubber ball.

For one thing, other people might look at you strangely.

But what the heck! Your fitness is more important than being thought of as a little strange, isn’t it?

You never know, you might even inspire them to be more interested in their health and follow suit. That’s always a good thing.

Anyway, in addition to that, you should also use a few simple posture techniques and adjustments to get the benefit. See the video below.

Here’s a recap of the main points Nina makes in the video.

  • When sitting on your swiss ball, your thighs should be parallel to the floor, with your lower legs vertical. Your feet should be flat on the floor in front of you.
  • Your back should be upright with your abdominal muscles fully engaged.
  • Take frequent breaks when you’ve been sitting for quite a while.

If you don’t know what size and type of swiss ball you should choose, check out How To Find The Right Exercise Ball. There, you’ll find a simple table showing what size ball you should use, depending on how tall you are.

Extra Little Things To Strengthen Your Core
Even More

As well as sitting on a stability ball while working at the computer, try these:

  • While sitting on the ball, wriggle your hips in a circle (both directions) from time to time.
  • Now and then, use your computer standing up at a tall desk or a piece of furniture. Make sure the furniture is tall enough so that you won’t have to slouch or lean forward to use your computer.
  • Take a break from your desk to do 5 to 15 push ups throughout the day. This will strengthen and firm up your arms and chest as well. You can alternate push ups with bodyweight squats to firm up your thighs too.

Basically, the main point is this: You may not be able to get out of having to work long hours in front of the computer. But, you can definitely get out of sitting for hours on end.

Make a conscious effort to make a few simple changes.

Every little bit of movement throughout the day will definitely add up. Over time, it can make a difference between having an upright posture and a flatter stomach as opposed to having slouched shoulders and a protruding belly.

So, no excuse now. Go and get yourself a big ball!

And play with it every opportunity you get. :-)

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