An Inner Thigh Exercise Instructions And Video

If you do this thigh exercise right, you'll really feel the burn in your inner thighs.

To do the exercise

1. Lie on your side on your exercise mat.

2. Support your head on your hand.

3. Cross the upper leg over the lower one, and put your foot on the floor. (If you're lying on your right side, cross your left leg over your right let and put your left foot on the floor.)

4. Now lift your straight leg as high as you can off the floor.

5. Continue lifting and lowering that leg 15 times without it touching the floor.

6. Change sides and repeat with the other leg.

Things to watch out for

● Don't forget to breathe.

Here's a video showing you how to do this exercise.

Working out your inner thighs should be only part of your exercise program. You should regularly workout your whole body. To tone all parts of your body, check out my weight training exercises.

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