Muscle Toning Workouts:
Shape Up At Home

On this page, you'll find many different muscle toning workouts to do in the comfort of your own home. Plus must-read articles about exercise – you'll find them a bit further down this page.

The Workouts

Don't have any equipment at all? Don't have much time to exercise? Build your gorgeous body with this 20-Minute Equipment-Free Workout System.

If you already have dumbbells and an exercise ball, you'll love my beginners' workout program. By the time you've finished this 4-week program, you'll notice that your body is firmer and your muscles more defined. You'll also have more energy and strength than ever before.

Check out the workouts for each week of the beginner program here:

Week 1 – Circuit Training Exercises For Complete Beginners

Week 2 – Beginner Muscle Toning Workouts

Week 3 – Workout Routines For Women With Determination

Week 4 – The Final Stage Of The Beginners' Workout Program

4 weeks home workout program Want this program with everything you need all in one place?

Download the plans – with full instructions for all the exercises in one handy digital book.

Click here for more details.

Also, if you have no equipment at all, you can try these short workouts here:

20-Minute Equipment-Free Workout System

Fat Killer Workout Without Any Weights Or Equipment

12 Minutes Cardio Workout To Burn Fat Fast

15 Minutes Workout Routine - Use Stairs To Sculpt A Sexy Butt

Full Body Workout At Home With Just One Exercise

If you want a flat stomach (who doesn't?), I recommend that you do whole body workouts regularly. If you do that, a seperate ab workout is not necessary. But if you can’t live without doing ab exercises, check out this ab workout routine complete with exercise instructions and videos.

Here's another 4 week exercise program. This program is older than the one above, but still a great program. It'll give you good results if you stick to it. Get the program here:

Workout Plans For Women - Week 1 & 2

Workout Plans For Women - Week 3 & 4

Myth Or Fact?

A lot of women still think that training with weights will make them look muscular like a man. This is a common myth. Please don't buy into that.

It's very unlikely that you'll naturally get to look like one of those huge female bodybuilders you see in competitions.

Unless you're an extreme genetic freak, you just don't have enough of the right hormones to grow big muscles like that. Instead, what you'll actually end up with is a well-defined feminine body, firm and shapely all over.

If you're still concerned, read these two articles first before you even touch a weight.

Three Ways Weight Lifting Workouts Will Help You Look Great

Benefits Of Weight Training For Women

Crucial Information For Your Success

The more informed you are, the faster you'll be able to achieve your goal. So I've put together a number of articles about toning workouts. They contain useful and important information about weight training exercises.

To get the best out of every single workout you ever do, check out these articles.

Ten Exercise Motivation Tips For Those Who Hate To Sweat

Use This Workout Plan When You Don’t Want To Exercise

A Short Effective Weight Training DVD I Used To Like

The Only 3 Arm Exercises You Need To Get Rid Of Those “Bingo Wings”

Fat Loss Workouts – What Kinds Of Exercises Should You Do When You're Short Of Time?

3 Ways To Spice Up Your Stomach Exercises

Tummy Exercises – How Often And How Long Should You Do Them?

Should Women's Weight Training Workouts Be Different From Men's?

Do Inner Thigh Exercises Help You At All?

How To Choose The Most Effective Strength Training Workouts For Women

Five Features Of Great Weight Training Routines

Doing muscle toning workouts will improve the way your body looks.

With proper nutrition on top of that, you'll see a significant improvement in your body shape. You'll lose fat, plus you'll be stronger and feel more confident.

You know what that means, right? You'll look more fantastic than ever! :-)

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