Tummy Exercises – Are You Doing Too Many?

If you're doing more than half an hour of tummy exercises every day, you're likely to be doing too much. Like many things in life, more is not always better.

Really Serious About Getting A Flat Tummy?

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How often and how long should you do your tummy exercises?

tummy exercises Like other muscle groups in the body, your stomach muscles need at least 48 hours' rest after exercise before you train them again. Five to 10 minutes of challenging ab workout 2 to 3 times per week is usually sufficient for your stomach muscles.

It's very important to realize that you can't just train your ab and expect a flat stomach. Here are the 2 reasons why concentrating too much of your effort on your tummy is bad for you.

● If you train your ab too much, you run the risk of not training the other parts of your body sufficiently. As a result your stomach muscles become stronger than other muscles. This will cause an imbalance. Your midsection involves not only your stomach muscles, but also your back muscles. Your lower back for example works together with your ab muscles to stabilize your body. Therefore, just training your abs will create imbalance problems. It would be like having one leg significantly stronger than the other one!

● You can't spot reduce your body fat. Your body decides where extra fat is stored, not you. So, if you want to see a flat tummy, you need to lose extra fat all over your body. That means it's very likely that just doing ab exercises won't be enough to burn significant fat.

Top tips to get your tummy exercises right

● Your abdomen has many muscles which run across, up and down and at the side. Therefore, when choosing your belly exercises, you need to do a workout that involves targeting all the muscles of your stomach. You shouldn't just pick randomly from a list of stomach exercises you find on a website.

● The best and safest way to get a flat tummy is to follow an exercise program that involves training all the muscle groups of your body. The last but definitely not the least important factor is eating properly.

Takeaway lessons from this article

● Your abdominals exercises should be only a part of your whole body exercise program. Don't put a disproportionate effort into exercising your belly.

● Choosing the right tummy exercises is very important. Your ab workout should involve targeting all the muscle groups of your abdomen.

● If you want to get a flat ab, these two things are the key.

Exercise your whole body intensely and eat well-balanced meals.

If you're short on time, you'd be better off doing exercises that burn the most fat in the shortest time possible. That way, you'll still get your flat tummy without having to exercise for hours a week. Please check out Your Fat Loss Workouts – Must-Do Exercises When You're Short On Time.

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