Warm Up Exercises For Your Home Workouts

A lot of people think that warm up exercises are an essential component of every workout. They believe that warming up will help them avoid injury.

Well … they're right! That's why I've put together a general warm up video for you. :-D

[Video Transcript]

First, start with warming up the joints … hands … shoulders … hips … knees … ankles … Now march in place … lift your legs and swing your arms. Then side step. Try to swing your arms high to warm them up. Now twist and punch the air to the side … Squat down a little each time before you turn and punch. Imagine you've got a rope in your hands, and skip lightly. Now jump like this. Reach up high with your arms … this is commonly known as a jumping jack. Then do a squatting jumping jack to warm up your thighs.

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Too easy?

After this warm up, if you find that you don't even come out in a light sweat and your muscles don't feel warm yet, do the movements all over again, but this time more vigorously. You don't need to do the joint circles again though.

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Too hard?

A warm up should raise your body temperature and get you ready for more intense exercises without sapping a lot of energy from your main workout. So, if you find that you're tired after this warm up, reduce the intensity. For example, instead of skipping, you could just do marching in place. In place of the squat jumping jack, you could do just 8 to 10 light squats.

Adjust the intensity depending on how much you can take.

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One more thing …

Not a beginner anymore?

Lifting heavy?

If you're ready to lift heavy weights, you should do this warm up plus another more specific warm up to make sure you're safe.

To find out how to do specific warm ups, click on How To Warm Up Before Weight Training at the bottom of this page.

[End of warm up exercises video transcript]

If you're going to workout with heavy weights, make sure you read How To Warm Up Before Weight Training so as not to hurt yourself.

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