What Does Warming Up Do For You?

A lot of people think they can skip warming up and go straight into their main workout.


The thing is that a warm-up is an essential part of your workout.

So, skipping it is like skipping part of your workout.

Most people understand the benefits of their main workout. But fewer people understand why they need to prepare their muscles before working out.

If you already understand why warming your body up is absolutely necessary, you don't need me to rabbit on about that, do you? In that case.....

Just go straight to How To Warm Up Before Training With Weights.

Or if you want a prep workout, here's a video for you: Warm Up Exercises For Your Home Workouts.

So, what does a warm-up do for you? Well … there are 3 main things:

1) It routes more blood to your muscles.

Your muscles will need more blood for your main workout. At rest your muscles only receive about 15 percent of your blood supply. When you exercise, your muscles will need up to 80 percent.

It takes time to re-route more blood like that to your muscles. So, if you start exercising vigorously without preparing your body, your muscles are still not filled with blood. So they won't be as elastic as they should be.

That means there's a real risk of injury. What's more, you'll get tired quickly and easily.

2) It “wakes up” your nerve impulses, getting them ready to take challenging movements.

3) It also prepares you mentally for the greater challenge ahead.

Now you know why you shouldn't skip that pre-workout section, here are some movements you can do before your main exercise.

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