Three Ways Weight Lifting Workouts Will Help You Look Great

You might not think of weight lifting workouts as the kind of thing that will help you achieve an attractive feminine body.

In your mind, whenever you hear the words “weight lifting for women”, you probably conjure up those bulky and muscular bodybuilder women you see in competitions.

Do you really think that just 3 or 4 half-hour weight lifting workouts a week will make you look that muscular?

No way!

It takes years of working out tremendously hard, and a very strict diet, to get those muscular bodies. It's incredibly hard to be that muscular.

Plus, it's even harder for women to build huge muscles. Women just don't have the right kind of hormones to do that.

Without making you look masculine, weight training will help you achieve your dream body in 3 ways.

1. Weight training workouts will make your body keep burning fat up to 48 hours after your exercise.

You see, working out with weights creates that “after burn” effect in the way cardio can't. It revs up your metabolism to a sizzling point so you burn more fat even while you sleep.

2. Weight lifting will sculpt and define those muscles that give you a sexy figure.

Cardio or aerobic exercises help your heart and burn fat as well, but they don't tone and shape your body as effectively as weight training does.

Lifting weights is not going to add massive bulk to your figure. There is no need to fret or worry that you are going to look more like Popeye with just a few sessions a week at home. In fact it could take you several months of committed effort just to pack on a single pound of lean muscle.

You will become stronger and healthier, and your body will begin to transform into the toned, sleek machine you have dreamed about. You will achieve an athletic, sexy body definition that you will love and others will envy.

3. Training with weights will tame even the most troublesome areas on your body such as 'saddlebags', 'bingo wings' and 'thunder thighs'.

The more you challenge your muscles with these weight lifting workouts the firmer they will become. You'll notice that your body looks tighter, and your clothes are fitting better than ever.

These are only some of the things that weight bearing exercises can do for you if you give them a chance.

Start your weight training exercises today, and get the dream body shape that you've always wanted.

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