A Short Effective Weight Training DVD I Used To Like

When I first decided to do strength training at home, the first thing I looked for was a weight training DVD. One that uses real weights and takes no more than 30 minutes for a workout.

I’m a huge fan of workout DVDs.

Using DVDs, I don’t need to think what moves to do next or how many reps to do, or anything like that. They also help me when I’m a bit short on motivation. It’s like having an instructor with me.

Anyway, remember I was looking for a weight training DVD that doesn’t take me more than 30 minutes to do a workout? Most strength training DVDs have workouts that last an hour or even more. So, I needed to shop around.

The thing is … I hate long workouts. If I’d chosen a DVD that took more than 30 minutes, I knew I wouldn’t use it regularly.

Finally, I decided to try a workout DVD called 30 Minutes To Fitness: Weights Workout with Kelly Coffey-Meyer.

It gave me two 30-minute workouts. One worked the lower body heavily and the other one did the upper body. Guess which one was harder?

The lower body one, of course. I used to sweat so much I looked like I’d just got out of the shower.

Kelly uses traditional weight training moves mixed with a few twists. I had to move from exercise to exercise without a break. So, not only it’s a great strength building workout, it’s also a great cardio workout.

In the video there are two other girls working out with Kelly. One of them does an easier version of whatever Kelly’s teaching. So, that helps if you’re a beginner.

Just one thing I’d do differently is the push up for beginners. Kelly shows push ups on your knees. But, I recommend you do it with your hands on a raised surface such as a coffee table or two chairs. Then gradually move down as you get stronger. That’s a better way to build push up strength.

Since it’s a proper weight training DVD, you do need some heavy dumbbells. That is … dumbbells that are heavy enough for your muscles.

So, it’d be better to invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells rather than buying just a fixed pair. As you get stronger you’ll have to buy heavier ones sooner or later. If you don’t know how to choose dumbbells suitable for you, read my dumbbell buying guide here.

Anyway, the main point here is that if you’re finding it difficult to muster up the enthusiasm to keep a consistent strength training routine, a DVD may help.

At least it was a great help to me when I first started. Since then, I’ve used many more workout DVDs, especially when I’m feeling short on motivation.

Give it a try.

Oh! And you can get Kelly’s weight training DVD here.

Good luck!

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