Weight Training Equipment – How To Build Your Home Gym
For Under $100

Buying home weight training equipment doesn't need to be an expensive process. If you're on a budget, forget about fancy home workout equipment and machines. You can shape up just as effectively as those who go to the gym regularly and train with a range of gym equipment and machines.

You can do that with only 3 inexpensive pieces of gear.

Here's a list of three simple pieces of weight training equipment, together with the estimated cost of each item.

1. Dumbbells

Dumbells are the most versatile equipment for weight training.

If you want to save money, get a pair of adjustable dumbbells rather than fixed-weight dumbbells. Fixed-weight dumbells will cost more in the long run, as you'll need to keep buying heavier ones as you get stronger.

A quick check on Amazon.com shows you can get a reasonable quality dumbell set for less than $50.

2. Gym Ball (Swiss Ball, Stability Ball)

You can get a gym ball for less than $30. You can use it in place of an exercise bench, in most cases. Plus there's an endless variety of exercises you can do on the gym ball which will make your workouts fun and interesting.

If you don't know what size to get, learn How To Find The Right Exercise Ball here.

3. Exercise Mat

Another indispensible item for your floor work. Get a non slip and quick drying mat to prevent injury and sweat build up. You can get one for around $20.

Note that the prices I'm talking about are not even the lowest. Depending on how much you're willing to check around and what you want, you can get even lower prices for your home gym equipment.

These three simple pieces of exercise equipment will let you follow most weight training programs.

Who said building your home gym has to be expensive?

There are two things I suggest you do when buying home weight training equipment.

Firstly, don't just buy from the first company you see. Check a number of merchants and read as many customers' reviews as possible.

Secondly, buy your home gym equipment online.

Unless you get a good second-hand deal from a fitness club that's going bust, you'll tend to find the best prices online. Plus you don't have the hassle of carrying heavy work out equipment back home.

Who would enjoy carrying a dumbbell set that weighs at least 20 kg? You'd rather it was delivered straight to your door, wouldn't you?

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