Should Weight Training Workouts For Women Be The Same As For Men?

Some experts say that women should have different weight training workouts from men. Are they right? Should you use different weight training workouts specially designed for women?

Well ... a woman's body is different from a man's ... in more ways than one (in case you haven't noticed). But in most cases men and women don't need to train any differently from one another. Why's that?

Both Genders Have Identical Muscle Groups

Any given exercise will work specific muscles on the body. And since those muscles are identical in both men and women, it follows that women should do the same exercises as men.

In the same way, male and female muscle tissues are no different when it comes to getting stronger. The only way they may differ is in how much weight they can lift and how big they'll get. Generally speaking, males will be able to generate more force since they tend to be much stronger. They also have more of the hormones (such as testosterone) that help to build muscles.

All things considered, though, there's hardly any real difference. If a male wants to firm up his legs, there's no doubt that squats and lunges make for a good choice. For a female to tone her legs, squats and lunges again make for a smart choice.

Both Genders Respond The Same To Weight Training Workouts

Now you might be thinking “Does this mean I'm going to look muscular like a man?” No, just because males and females respond in the same way, that doesn't mean they'll get the same look.

When you challenge your muscles with weights, your muscle tissues will rip a bit, causing what's known as micro-tears. After your workout, your body will repair those micro-tears and make your muscles stronger so they'll take the stress much better the next time. This process is the same for both male and female.

Now having said all that, women may have slightly different needs from men in some cases. For example, quite a lot of women find the muscles at the front of their legs (quadriceps) tend to be stronger than the muscles at the back (hamstrings). Doing too many exercises that strengthen the quadriceps will increase this imbalance. That in turn can cause knee injuries and neck pains. So those women will need a program to take care of that imbalance.

On the whole though, don't worry about it – women should basically do the same weight training workouts as men.

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