Weight Training At Home -
Do It Right
To Avoid Hurting Yourself

Many people (especially women) shy away from weight training. One of the reasons is that they think it has a high risk of injury.

Well … actually, the injury risk of weight lifting is no higher than any other form of exercise such as aerobic, dancing, jogging, skiing etc.

The funny thing is, those same people who dismiss weight training as a high injury risk dive into things like jogging and aerobics without any hesitation whatsoever.

They don’t even think about the risk of injury and such like for those activities.

If you don’t pay attention to your techniques, you can hurt yourself in any activity.

In fact, you can even hurt yourself just by walking the dog.

Having said that, though …

To minimize the risk of injury, it’s very important to do each exercise with a good technique. Especially if you workout at home. Also the heavier the weight you’re using, the more careful you should be.

Like I said before, the risk is no higher than with other activities. But the benefits you’ll get are much greater than with many other activities.

Exercise Techniques

To help you learn good exercise techniques, here are some of the most common strength exercises you’re likely to do. So, make sure you check these pages out before you start your training.

1. Push Up Videos And Instructions For Beginners

You don’t need to learn much in terms of exercise technique to do push up. But when starting out, many women can’t do a full push up. So, they end up doing it from the knees.

Well … I don’t think that’s good enough. Don’t do it from the knees. Instead, learn these techniques to build up strength to be able to do full push ups on the floor.

2. Squats Exercise Progression For Newbies

Almost every strength training program uses some form of squats. But quite a lot of exercise newbies find it difficult to do a squat properly. Here’s how to build strength and flexibility to be able to do full squats.

3. Another Way To Work Up To Push Up On The Floor

If you have a stack of cardboard boxes or a pile of books, try this method.

4. Learn Proper Squat Techniques

Squat is an exercise every woman should do. It gives you very shapely buttocks … if you do it properly. So, it’s very important to learn the correct techniques.

5. How To Find The Neutral Spine Posture

You need to assume a neutral back posture in many exercises. But learning to find that position can be quite tricky. Here are simple ways to get the correct back posture.

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