Use This Workout Plan
When You Don’t Want
To Exercise

Perfect To Try At The Weekend or On Holiday

These days, my usual workout plan has only short and sweet workouts. 30 minutes or less.

But from time to time, I don’t know why, I don’t even feel like doing my usual short workout. So,  when that happens, I take a slightly different approach.

You see, I do a lot of writing and reading. That usually means hours of sitting at the computer. So, instead of the full 20 minute workout which I would normally do, I do a few hours’ workout.

Say, what?

You might well ask! Bear with me. I’ll explain.

My normal strength workout includes 4 exercise moves.

So, I do it like this:

I work at the computer for half an hour or so. Then I do one exercise for the number of reps specified in my workout. Then I work at the computer again for another half hour or so. Then do the next move for my workout for the set number of reps. I continue like that until I’ve finished all the exercise moves.

It takes me a few hours to complete the workout. I don’t know how many hours exactly as I always forget to make a note of the time. But it doesn’t matter.

I try this approach when I’m at home the whole day and don’t need to go anywhere. Especially when my exercise motivation is very low.

Some people say they’re addicted to exercise. But I still find it difficult to be that committed. I can be quite lazy when it comes to exercise. I don’t want to do even a tiny bit more than I need to.

Anyway, enough moaning about my laziness. Back to what I was saying.

The workout plan I usually use is the one I designed in my Gym-Free & Gorgeous Home Workout System. It’s short and sweet. Exactly how I like it. :-)

On top of this spread-out strength workout, I very often add a really manic dance to some song I feel like dancing to that day. Recently, I’ve gotten used to dancing to that crazy Korean song called Gangnam Style.

That way, I get an effective cardio workout too.

For this cardio dance, I take the same approach as I do with the strength workout. I dance to that song for a bit. Then I sit and work at the computer for half an hour to an hour. Then I get up and dance to that song again. And so on. I usually do that about 4 or 5 times depending on how crazy I feel or how much time I’ve got.

I always have so much fun dancing that I even thought about sharing with you a video of me doing my crazy Gangnam Style dance. But I decided against it. I’m not exactly the world’s most graceful dancer. So, you might start to question my sanity and stop reading my posts. :-D

Anyway, working this way has prevented me from sitting at the computer for hours on end. And I find it refreshing and fun too.

Give this approach to your workout plan a try when you can. You might find it works for you too.

Have a great day. :-)

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